Leak Detection and Repair

Household plumbing is a complex system that average homeowners know little about. When water starts puddling in a noticeable area or a person becomes aware of wet structural materials, warping, or sporting mold, a leak is present. Tracing the leak back to its source can be a challenge that most homeowners can’t perform themselves. Luckily, Texas residents can depend on plumbing experts like Brothers Plumbing to quickly find a leak and repair it before any significant damage occurs to their homes.

Let the Professional Suss Out the Truth

Water leaks can play tricks on the human eye. Depending on the direction of the pipe’s slope, a leak may originate several feet up the line, but the water is carried along the pipe by gravity until it meets a joint or bend where it finally falls off. In some instances, the leaks originate behind walls, floors, foundations, and even ceilings, making it hard to determine the seriousness of the situation. The team at Brothers Plumbing is well-versed in various Leak Detection methods that help them pinpoint the source and allow them to make a quick diagnosis of the problem.

Unique Methods For Locating a Leak

Several types of unseen leaks are discovered when an elevated water bill arrives. Locating these leaks requires a plumber with specialized detection equipment that is non-invasive, so homeowners don’t have to worry about damage to their home or lawn during the leak location process. One such method involves running a microphone along the ground or floor to amplify the sound of leaking subsurface pipes.

Another method utilizes sensors, placed on both ends of a pipe, that transmit information between each other. The sensors detect anomalies in the piping and transmit the data to a control unit that pinpoints the location. Plumbers can also send cameras down a pipe to perform an inspection via a monitor to help locate a leak or obstruction.

Approval is Always Needed Before Extensive Work Begins

Not every household leak is easy to access. In many instances, the location might call for carpentry work. If this is the case, the team will operate as cautiously as possible to avoid damaging any structural materials. If the plumbers need to remove substantial amounts of a surface area to access the piping, they will get the homeowner’s approval first.

This is also true for any leak located in a subsurface pipe running through the homeowner’s lawn. Once the Repair is complete, the plumbers will work diligently to restore the area to a finish that blends seamlessly with the rest of the surrounding surface. They will also thoroughly clean up any mess created in the process rather than leave it for the customer to manage.

Upfront Pricing and Full Disclosure for All Customers

In some homes, a leak is severe enough that repairs are not an option. Depending on the circumstances, replacement plumbing could be a substantial and pricey job. Fortunately, Brothers Plumbing offers a free estimate service to help homeowners learn about the costs of a project before committing to something they may not be able to afford. The estimate details the significant points of the project and lays out the cost of labor and parts. Customers can then decide if they want to move forward or not with the work and can negotiate with the company to cut costs if any wiggle room exists.

New Piping May be the Best Solution

Replacing the plumbing system is often recommended in older homes that contain outdated piping or sewer lines. Newer industry standards utilize styles of pipes that don’t corrode, significantly lowering the chance of a future malfunction. The team at Brothers Plumbing offers repiping and rerouting services to provide their customers with the most efficient water delivery possible.

The plumbers will inspect the current system to determine what changes can occur to eliminate unnecessary pathways between connections, reduce the amount of space the piping takes up, and install numerous shutoff valves since older systems have so few. They then consult with the homeowner to determine which piping style will work best in the house and fit within their budget.  

A Trusted Name in the Plumbing Industry

Brothers Plumbing has provided San Angelo and Christoval, TX, residents with expert plumbing services since August 2022. Covering everything plumbing related, from drain cleaning and faucet repair to sewer line inspections and water filtration installation, the team is willing to tackle any homeowner concern, regardless of the severity. Their dedication to customer service has earned them an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, and their customer reviews show that each project gets handled with priority and efficiency.