Gas Line Repair and Replacement

Natural gas plays a vital role in the operation of many modern homes, heating water, powering appliances, and more. The gas supply typically runs from a gas main and through a meter into the home before being routed to different individual lines. A home’s Gas Line is designed with strength and durability in mind, but that doesn’t mean a gas line will never crack, leak, or become otherwise damaged.

Common Problems With Home Gas Lines

The most serious problem that can come up with a natural gas line is a leak. All gas leaks must be taken seriously because they can pose significant risks to human health and safety. Common signs of gas leaks include:

  • The distinctive rotten egg odor created by the chemical additive mercaptan, which suppliers add to odorless natural gas to make it easier to detect leaks.
  • Hissing sounds coming from gas lines.
  • Bubbles in the home’s hot water.
  • Loss of hot water.
  • Weak flame on a gas stove.
  • Pilot lights going out.
  • Visible damage to pipes.
  • White clouds near gas lines.

Physical signs and symptoms of gas poisoning, including issues like headaches, dizziness, fatigue, breathing difficulties, and flu-like symptoms.

If gas leaks into a home and becomes exposed to an open flame or even a spark, it can ignite and cause fires or explosions. Even if there is no source of flame in the home, prolonged exposure to natural gas is unhealthy and unsafe and makes people sick. In other words, gas leaks require immediate repairs. All of that said, there are other things that can go wrong with gas lines, and these common problems also need to be taken seriously to avoid dangerous situations in the future.

Visible Rust

When homeowners notice visible rust on their gas lines, it’s time to call a professional. In many cases, the rust can be removed and the pipe painted to prevent further corrosion. However, ignoring the problem can lead to leaks later on. Homeowners will spend less money and create fewer headaches for themselves by having rust removed by a professional now rather than waiting until it has done so much damage that the pipes need to be replaced.

High Pressure

Pressure issues in gas lines are usually caused by problems with regulator valves. The regulators are supposed to control pressure, so if they fail, the pressure can continue to rise. Gas lines that are under high pressure are more likely to crack and leak, so call a repair service immediately.

Clogged Gas Lines

Gas lines become clogged or blocked for a variety of reasons. Rust forming on the inside of the pipe as a result of water in the line is a common one, but it’s far from the only cause of blocked lines. With underground gas lines, tree roots can be even more problematic in that affected gas lines may need replacement to resolve the issue. Even dirt and debris that enter through tiny gaps between underground pipes can build up and cause problems.

Types of Common Repairs

Different problems with gas lines require their own resolutions. If, as described above, the pressure regulator valve is faulty, the obvious fix is to have it replaced. Not all options for repairs are as straightforward, though. Improperly installed gas lines often require more complex repairs, including:

  • Sealing or resealing pipes
  • Soldering sections and fittings
  • Replacing sections of gas lines
  • Resolving issues with gas meters
  • Installing gas shut-off valves

Keep in mind that although repairs to gas lines can be expensive, they’re always necessary. Repairing minor issues like rusty pipes or improper pressure regulation will be more affordable than replacing pipes and parts. Similarly, replacing pipes and parts will be much less expensive than having to substantially rebuild a home that has caught on fire due to a gas leak.

Who Repairs Gas Lines?

Homeowners have to be careful about who they hire to perform repairs on their gas lines. In general, plumbers are the right professionals to turn to for this vital work. However, not all plumbers are trained and certified to work on gas lines. Because an improper installation can be expensive to fix and dangerous, homeowners should always check a plumber’s credentials before deciding who to trust.

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