3 Ways to Refresh Your Plumbing System for Spring

Tis the season for spring cleaning. We gathered a few easily done actions to add to your routine so you can feel like the best of Texas spring time is flowing through your home’s plumbing system.

1. Add Enzymes to Kitchen Lines

Kitchen lines see a lot of action from daily cooking and cleaning. Anytime is a good time to add enzymes to the kitchen drains as preventative maintenance to prevent kitchen clogs and as a way to prolong the life of your cast iron drains. All our plumbers carry a stock of super-fast acting beneficial microbes or you can find the “over-the counter” version at the hardware store.

2. Clean Your Shower Heads

West Texans are no strangers to hard water and we all know mineral deposits can build up on fixtures over time. For a simple refresh, remove the shower head and soak it in white vinegar.

3. Review Appliance Age and Warranties

While appliances like water heaters and garbage disposals can outlast their expected lifespans, it’s a good idea to know what you’re working with! Take a minute to visit your water heater and check under your sink for small leaks, especially if your appliances are beyond the manufacturer warranty. If your garbage disposal is more than three years old, we’d recommend storing an empty bucket beneath it to protect your cabinets in case of a break down.

Whether your plumbing system needs a light refresh or a deep dive, we can help!

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